Engagement Ring Trends 2011

"What are the engagement ring trends for 2011 and latest styles?" is a question we get asked all the time.

With every New Year comes new ideas and a fresh way of thinking, so let's see what those-in-the-know and the trendiest jewelry designers have come up with for this year

Setting The Scene in 2011

The style gurus are going for “vintage glamour” and drawing their inspiration from Edwardian in the settings. Don't be surprised to see a 1970s floral pattern and other retro inspiration here and there too. The newest styles are finely worked with lots of detail.

Raised settings are a big part of the trend with the center stone set away from the finger. This gives the designers that extra bit of shank surface to adorn or embellish with diamond detailing.

cathedral set engagement ring

White on White: Diamonds, White Gold & Platinum

Inspired by the Edwardians—white diamonds, white metal, and white halo settings are dazzling us all in 2011. A center diamond framed by a ‘halo’ of smaller white diamonds makes the center stone appear larger and adds a ton of Bling!  Who doesn't want more bling for their buck?

white diamond engagement rings

Color Your World

It's one extreme or the other....From outrageously expensive pink and canary yellow diamonds, to fabulous colored gemstones like citrine, tanzanite, emeralds, sapphires and rubies, 2011 is all about color too!

We've been preaching about gemstone engagement rings for years. We love the individuality and variety that they offer and people are finally listening—Prince William’s proposal to Kate Middleton with a sapphire engagement ring may have also helped solidify this particular trend.

gemstones for engagement rings

Go Green!

green eco engagement ring

Eco-design, eco-products and generally being eco-conscious is a big trend in bridal jewelry and weddings these days. For many, it just makes sense.

In engagement rings trends for 2011 it means conflict-free diamonds, lab grown diamonds, or better yet, gemstone rings and recycled gold settings.

Monique Pean is one designer that comes to mind when looking for greener alternatives and non-traditional style.

black decorative scroll

Well that's it folks! These are the newest engagement ring trends and we'll be seeing a lot of them in the coming months. We here at EE actually like what's happening and it falls nicely within our personal philosophy regarding bridal jewelry. Buy what you love and what makes sense to you and forget about all the rest!

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