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Engagement Ring Trends & Styles 2012

Engagement ring trends for 2012 brings an interesting mix of contrasting ideas. Having spent a good part of the year traveling and attending jewelry shows and  exhibitions, we've come away feeling good about the latest and greatest styles. There was just so much to see!

engagement rings 2012

In terms of new design, 2012 has two primary style influences. The first is all about simplicity and purity, while the second focuses on romantic creations that dazzle the eye.

However, the biggest difference we noticed was that sustainability and being 'green' is becoming even more important for today's bride so vintage engagement rings and 'green' diamonds are big this year too!

Engagement Ring Trends 2012: Setting The Scene

2011 was all about adornment and embellishment of the metal with intricately detailed settings, but now in 2012, it's all about the purity of shape and the natural beauty of the materials.

The latest styles are all about getting back to basics, whether it be in the metal or stones. The platinum Tiffany Bezet round brilliant solitaire (below right) is timeless. It brings all focus on the stone and highlights the diamond's shape.

engagement rings 2012

The same is true for the other diamond shapes set in yellow and white gold from JamesAllen. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the metal and the low profile stone.

Engaging Tip:  The bezel settings above are not only elegant but also functional since they protect the diamond from chips and scratches like no other setting. They are perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle.

This is in stark contrast to one of the biggest trends in engagement ring styles of 2011 where we saw raised settings with heavily adorned and detailed shanks.

The second big trend in engagement rings for 2012 still keeps its focus on simplicity but adds a heaping dose of romance. The rings are still simple and pure in form, the difference between these and the others is that these are encrusted in diamonds. Yep, engagement rings with pave settings and halo mounts are huge for 2012. 

engagement ring trends 2012

Rings courtesy of JamesAllen

There are no complicated engraved metals, filigree work or metal detailing (like last year). This year it's all about the pure metal and diamonds. Lots and lots of little diamonds that pave the metal band, create a halo around the center stone, and bring undeniable romance and style.

Engagement Ring Styles 2012: Bring on the Color!

This trend continues to grow. Although Europeans have embraced gemstone engagement rings for years it took Kate Middleton's fantasy wedding and sapphire engagement ring for it to really catch on in North America.

It's just so exciting to see so many fancy colored diamonds and fabulous colored gemstones like aquamarine, tanzanite, emeralds, pink and blue sapphires and rubies, 2012 is all about color too!

gemstone engagement rings

These amazing engagement rings from Gemvara have all the purity of form and romance that we talked about earlier and the latest trends in color!

Choose a birthstone to represent the month you were born, the month you met, the month you're getting married, or any other gemstone whose color you really love and pile on the romance!. 

Sustainable & Green Engagement Rings!

Another carry-over from last year is sustainability. Eco-consciousness and being 'green' is a big trend in weddings these days and many brides-to-be feel it's important that their engagement rings reflect their beliefs.

As far as engagement ring trends go, we think this one's here to stay. The mantra here... Go old or go green!

For some young brides vintage engagement rings are the only way to go.

antique engagement rings

Why not choose a beautiful design from another era and help to save the environment at the same time?

Another option for the green bride is finding a jeweler whose collections are based on sustainability.

monique pean engagement ring

This means recycled metals, conflict-free materials and social consciousness. Monique Pean is one jewelry designer that comes to mind when looking for greener alternatives and non-traditional style.

black decorative scroll

Engagement ring trends and styles reflect what's going on in society. 2012 is a year for getting back to basics, romance, and knowing what's truly important in life.

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