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Engagement Ring Designers & Stores

Engagement ring designers often become known for a particular style and many jewelers offer signature collections especially when it comes to bridal jewelry.

various engagement ring samples

Designer engagement rings range in price from a couple of thousand dollars to millions of dollars, it all depends on the brand and the quality and size of the diamond.

Here's our list of the most common and well known designers and stores. It's

Instead, it's a talented individual who designs an engagement ring based on the aesthetics and philosophy of the brand. It's similar to Karl Lagerfeld designing for Chanel.

So when most of us think about designer engagement rings we are really thinking about the brand, store, or jeweler rather than the designer.

Famous & Exclusive Designer Engagement Rings

At the top of most people's list of engagement ring designers is Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany was founded over 150 years ago and has a very strong brand worldwide. They are known for exceptional quality and that trademark Tiffany Blue which is used in all their branding and packaging (think little blue box). The rich and famous, over the last 100+ years or so, have sported many Tiffany pieces which have made them all the more desirable.

Truth is, not only is the quality great but they are much more affordable than one would think, even though they can still be quite expensive.

Cartier is another big name. The Cartier brand is recognized throughout the world and cherished by many. Cartier engagement rings start from just a few thousand dollars with no real upper end limit.

However, when talking about ultimate luxury and high-end designer engagement rings, one other name stands out big time—Harry Winston.

Harry Winston jewelry is some of the most exclusive and expensive. He's the guy who lends all those diamond jewelry pieces to the celebs at the Oscars worth millions of dollars and is known for the highest quality stones and larger carat sizes, so it's inevitable that his engagement rings are going to cost more than most of us can afford.

Way back in 2007, The Chicago Tribune reported that the least expensive Harry Winston engagement ring at their Chicago store cost around $15,000 which was approximately three times the cost of the average engagement ring in the US at that time

Verragio, Tacori, Neil Lane, and Simon G. are also well known engagement ring designers and although still considered high-end are more affordable.

Tacori engagement rings are known for their European styling and attention to detail. Tacori's philosophy is that most people understand quality and appreciate good design and that both these things should be available at a reasonable price. They offer different collections to meet all price points and even design Cubic Zirconia engagement rings with surrounding diamonds for those wanting the designer style without a designer price tag.

Neil Lane engagement rings offer "a contemporary vintage-inspired collection that celebrates Hollywood’s glamour." Neil Lane has a long history in Hollywood and has designed jewelry pieces for all the big stars when they needed an engagement ring or wedding band. For his bridal collection, Neil Lane teamed up with Kay Jewelers to bring his unmistakable style and design sense to all of us at great prices.

Simon G engagement rings are known for their intricate detailing, filigree work, beading and engraving. They have an heirloom quality about them that comes from the rich cultural background of the designer himself who is quoted as saying "If you want jewelry that gets stared at you can't afford to overlook anything."

More Affordable Designers & Stores

Although so far we've only mentioned the more-expensive and better-known engagement ring designers there are many more affordable alternatives that shouldn't be overlooked.

Although these names and stores may not carry the same weight in terms of cachet they all have some beautiful pieces which should be seriously considered regardless of your budget.

diamond engagement ringsRings courtesy of JamesAllen

James Allen is the first to come to mind. We love the designs, quality, and their policies of a lifetime warranty, 100% full refund, and free returns and 24/7 customer service. They've been featured in everything from 'The Knot' to 'Forbes', and because other than a showroom on 5th Avenue in NYC, they're exclusively an online retailer they can offer exceptional designer rings at much lower prices than bricks and mortar stores. They also have an amazing technology that allows you to view real pictures of the diamond that you're buying through a virtual jeweler's loupe—just like being at an actual jewelry store.

Another long-standing family business is online retailer who have literally been around for a hundred years.

If sustainable fine jewelry with conflict-free materials and a social conscious is what you're looking for then Monique Pean engagement rings might be for you. Her work is completely non-traditional, so don't expect to find anything similar to what the other designers have to offer in her collections.

If you're on a pretty tight budget, Zales and Jared are two stores worth looking at because they have extensive collections at moderate prices. Each of them have a few exceptional styles with a designer feel that any gal would be proud to wear.


Designer engagement rings come in a variety of styles and prices. The good news is that you can start your shopping from the comfort of your couch. Spend a few days visiting the various designer and store websites to see what's out there. What you like and what works for your budget.

The possibilities are endless! The hardest part is deciding on which one suits your sense of personal style and how much to spend.

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