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What is the estimated cost of an engagement ring?
Is it true that it should be 3 times the amount of his monthly salary?

Please give me some clarity.

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How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring?
by: The Engagement Experts

This has to be one of the most common questions ever... Everyone wants to know what an engagement ring should cost. The short answer is: There is no set amount one should spend on an engagement ring.

The 3 month salary figure came-to-be via a marketing campaign by the DeBeers Diamond company.
They wanted to sell more diamonds so instead of putting a dollar amount that a guy should spend on a diamond and engagement ring they created the 3 months salary guideline.

Since no specific dollar amount was given, all that was required for a guy to demonstrate his love and commitment was a diamond ring that cost about a
quarter of his yearly salary whatever that may be. Those DeBeers marketing guys were brilliant!

Think about it, does it make sense to spend a quarter of your yearly salary on an engagement ring, if you don't have some money socked away somewhere and you're about to enter into a new life and start a family?

Many couples today choose to focus on the meaning behind the ring and the strength of the commitment it represents rather than the size or value of it and put those extra dollars towards their future or a down payment on a house.

We can't be any clearer... An engagement ring should cost as much as you can afford and are comfortable spending. That means the total cost of the ring, so if you're charging it or somehow financing it you'd better factor in the additional charges and then decide what you can or can't afford.

Of course, every girl wants a huge rock to show off and if one can truly afford it and has the means, we say "Bring on the Bling!"

We'll leave you with this...
A clever girl once said
"If I'm marrying you, your debts become my debts so you'd better not be incurring any to buy a piece of jewelry."

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