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Engagement Party Invitation Wording

We're not sure why people get stuck on engagement party invitation wording, but they seem to. We think it's because they aren't sure how to phrase things depending on who is throwing the engagement party, so let's run through the basics first.

Your party invitations should always include the following:

  • Who is hosting.
  • When the party is to be held.
  • Where the party will be.
  • Who the party is for.
  • RSVP info—telephone number, email, date to respond by etc.

Other things to include are, any themes the party may have or if any assignments are being given (like BYOB or bring a dessert etc.)

Finally, if there is any special attire that should be worn (e.g. summer casual, costumes, semi-formal, black tie etc.) The invitation would need to include that too.


Examples of Engagement Party Invitation Wording

Either of these first two are appropriate for an engagement party hosted by the parents or family friends. They are straightforward and not too formal. when creating your own don't worry too much about the wording just make sure that you include all of the elements we mentioned above.

Please join us for an
engagement party honoring

Colleen and Stewart

Friday, August 20, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Richard's Bistro
17 Forsythe Road
Boston, Massachusetts

Hosted by Rose and Edward

RSVP by August 10th 518-555-1212

The honor of your presence is
requested at a Dinner Party
celebrating the engagement of

Joan and Peter

on May 14th, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.

Chez Nick's
2400 Mountain Drive
Stowe, Vermont

Margaret and Jim Brown

Please respond by May 5th to 205-555-1212

Although traditional etiquette dictates that a couple should never host their own party, some couples are choosing to do so these days.

Many of these couples are well established in their careers, a little older, and don't want to place financial burden on their family or friends. So some opt to host the celebration themselves while others throw the party, but have it hosted by someone else.

If you are going the first route, this next example is for you. Adding a line that says "no gifts" would be appropriate here since proper etiquette suggests that we should never host a party to celebrate ourselves.

Please join us in celebrating
our engagement

On Friday, the 20th of June
at 8:00 p.m. at our home
123 Fisher Street
Pompano Beach, Florida

Jennifer Bourke
Phillip Brown

No Gifts Please.
Regrets only: 345-555-1212

This next example is a great fit for the bride and groom who wants to throw the party but have it hosted by someone else. It's also perfect for a single parent or a friend of the couples (or even a friend of the parents). It's friendly and casual.

She finally said YES!

Join Mary and Rob
in celebrating their engagement

Saturday, May 13th, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

The Meadows Inn
558 Montclair Avenue
Milton, Nebraska

Hosted by Kathy Miller

RSVP by May 6th Kathy at 954-555-1212

This next example shows what formal engagement party invitation wording would be like. This is most appropriate when the parents of the bride are inviting guest to a more formal gathering in celebration of their daughter's engagement or if the party is going to be a very elegant affair.

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Acker request
the pleasure of your company
at a Luncheon to celebrate
the engagement of their daughter

Mary Elizabeth
Dr. John Gesser

On Saturday the Eleventh of October
Two Thousand and Ten
at Twelve O'clock in the Afternoon

Coral Ridge Country Club
2450 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale Florida

Dress: Smart Casual
The favor of a reply is requested by August 31, 2010

This last sample of engagement party invitation wording shows you how to write out an invitation when a group of people are hosting the party.

Join us for a Clam Bake honoring the engagement of

Jenny Flay and Peter Burton

Saturday, July 15, 2009 at 4:30 p.m.

At the home of Peter and Ruth Singer
458 Blonder Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida

Elizabeth Green, Peter & Ruth Singer,
Bill Portsmouth & Margaret Horn

Please respond by July 5th to: [email protected]

You can see from these varied examples that there are many ways to write out an invitation. Your wording can be casual, formal or even funny as long that it's appropriate for the couple and the occasion.

The most important take-away here is that your engagement party invitation wording includes all of the elements outlined at the top of this page.

Make sure to check out our different ideas for party invitations!

Have fun and enjoy the party!

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