Engagement Party Decorations & Ideas

Coming up with great ideas for engagement party decorations is easy once you know where to start. Designers and professional party decorators will tell you that when starting any kind of project you need to begin with a theme or concept.

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The theme can be a concept (like a casino, fiesta, or beach party) or color-based, where the only tie-in for the decorations is your color palette.

It's all about starting somewhere and having some guidelines to work with to help you decide what to pick and how to decorate.

Engagement Party Ideas: Theme Based Decorations

Themes can run from simple to elaborate but keep in mind this is an engagement party, and already has an underlying theme (the engagement itself). So use your party theme to set the tone, decorate, and make your event extra-special but be careful not to let it overshadow the main reason for the celebration.


Decorating a party starts with your invitations, especially when a theme is involved. Your invitations will make an important first impression and excite your guests. See our Fiesta invitations for a little invitation inspiration. Olé!

Engagement Party Decorating Tips

If you really want that 'wow' factor as guests come in you need to consider all of the surfaces in the space.

Yep, that means walls, floors, and especially the ceiling along with the various tables and other smaller surfaces within the room itself.

You can use party decorations sparingly around a room or go with a real show-stopping design—it really boils down to the type of atmosphere and tone you want to set for the event.

Party Decorations For Walls

Think about props that might go with your theme. Many party supply stores sell inexpensive props that can add a lot of punch to a room. 

We also love the idea of a photo wall. Adorn a wall with photos of the couple from childhood right through their courtship and engagement. It's a great way to have the guests learn more about each of them and is a real conversation starter.

Cut outs, which are large pre-made designs are a great way to bring atmosphere to a room. They're usually made out of card stock or paper and are really inexpensive.

To add a ton of impact buy hardboard/masonite sheets from your local hardware store. They come in 4X8 foot sheets and can easily be painted to match any color scheme. They're only 1/8th of an inch think, lightweight, and can be hung on a wall just like a painting. Paint them with chalkboard paint and have your guests sign it (then seal it with spray varnish as a keepsake). Or cover the sheets in wall paper, fun fabrics, ribbons or anything else your heart desires.

Custom wall decals are another great way to decorate your party walls. Use a picture of the couple or any other subject and let your walls speak for themselves.

Party Decorations For Ceilings

Ceilings are one of the best and easiest ways to change the atmosphere in a room. They're the ideal large surface and the perfect blank canvas.

Helium filled balloons are inexpensive and will transform any space in a manner of minutes. Be sure to have some great colored ribbon dangling from them and you'll be amazed at how quickly it creates a party atmosphere.

Paper lanterns and fans are another great way of setting a party mood. Hang them across a back wall or all around the room. They're cheap and will give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Tissue paper pom poms can be very elegant and add dimension and texture to a ceiling. They come in a ton of colors and will give a room lots of depth and whimsy.

A quick Tip on Decorating With Color Alone

For less formal affairs, extend your color scheme right through the party and turn it into a theme. We showed you the red and white color scheme on our engagement party ideas page, now let's turn it into a full-fledged playful theme.

engagement party color theme

Ask all your guests to wear some red and white to the party. Find everything you own that is red or white and add it to your decorations (try and remove as much as possible from the party area that doesn't match the color scheme), then select a food and drink menu to match the theme. This really is a fun way to carry the color scheme and theme into every aspect of the party.

For example, beverages can include cranberry juice, vodka, gin, white and red wine, Tonic, Soda etc... For food, mozzarella and tomato salad, hearts of palm, gazpacho soup, beef, salmon, ham, lobster, mashed potatoes, white asparagus, raspberries, cherries, red velvet cake, etc....

The foods don't have to be a perfect match, just close enough—and tailor the menu to your budget. This type of idea is a great way to save some money by only having to provide a limited menu based on your party theme.


The most successful engagement party decorations and ideas start with what you already own. See what you have in the house that can be a starting point for your theme or color scheme. Chances are you already like whatever it is you find and by incorporating what you already own you'll also keep your budget in check.

Check out some of our party theme suggestions or visit our Home Page to see what else we have to offer.

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