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Engagement Gift Ideas

Looking for engagement gift ideas? We have a few suggestions that you may find interesting.

engagement gift

As we've stated before, engagement gifts are not traditionally given, nor are they necessary or expected.

This is equally true if you just received an announcement about the couple's engagement or if you're invited to an engagement party .

If you'd like to give a gift, as many people do, keep in mind that you are expected to give a wedding gift so factor that into your overall gift budget.

Unique Engagement Gifts

unique engagement gifts

Couples love to receive unique gifts for both an because it shows that the gift giver gave some extra thought to their selection.

The buzz and excitement that surrounds a unique and unexpected surprise is a memory that will be cherished for years and years to come. Check out our top picks for unique engagement gifts

Personalized Engagement Gifts

personalized engagement gifts

A personalized gift is a great way of showing your support of their union.

There are lots of different types of items that can be personalized today. Having an item printed with the couples names or monogrammed with their initials makes a present so special and shows the recipients that you went the extra mile by personalizing their engagement gift.

Practical Gift Ideas

practical engagement gifts

Many couples, especially those that are younger and starting out in life, appreciate practical gifts and items that every new home would need.

Ideas for this category may include: Small Appliances, Household Items, Photo Albums, Luggage.... If this is the route you want to go think about asking the couple what they may need or find out if they're registered somewhere.

Wedding Related Engagement Gifts

wedding engagement gifts

These are engagement gift ideas that relate to the big day.

These may include: Wedding Planners & Books, Name Change Kits, Bridal Magazines, Spa Gift Certificates (for a couples massage just prior to the wedding to relieve the tension and stress). By offering this type of wedding related gift you show the couple how excited YOU are for them and their big day.

Relationship Bonding Gift Ideas

relationship engagement gifts

These are gifts that help strengthen a relationship and build on its foundation. Ideas here can include:

A Gift Certificate to a favorite 'date' restaurant.
Couples Cooking Class (A fun bonding experience for them and useful as they start out their life together.)
A Couples Gym Membership.

Monthly Engagement Gift

monthly engagement gifts

These are fun, thoughtful ideas to remind the couple monthly how excited you are over their union and if timed correctly can countdown to the wedding itself. There are so many possibilities here including:

Bridal or Travel Magazine Subscriptions (To help plan the big day or decide on a honeymoon destination.) Fruit/Food/Wine of the Month Clubs...Our top picks for Monthly Gift Ideas


Historically, agift was only given by very close family members as a way of welcoming the newly engaged into their family. They usually consisted of some form of family heirloom with great sentimental value and were viewed as a welcoming gesture and a means of carrying on family tradition.

engagement teapot set

Other than a family heirloom, a simple teapot is considered to be by some, one of the most traditional gift ideas. This likely comes from ancient Chinese culture where a tea ceremony was held in honor of a wedding engagement. Similar tea rituals for bringing people and family closer together are also found in 18th C. America.

Regardless of the origin or the authenticity of the tradition, we love the idea of a teapot or tea set for two as a gift—it's a sweet and romantic gift for a couple starting out their lives together.


Ultimately, the reason we think of giving a gift is to show the couple that their friends and family are excited about their upcoming union. Engagement gift ideas can run from a simple handwritten card sent through the mail, to a bouquet of flowers, to much more elaborate and expensive items like gifting them their honeymoon.