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Engagement Cards

We created these free engagement cards for you to download and send, Pin, and post to Facebook.

congratulations card posted to facebook

Sometimes we want all want a quick and fun way of letting our friends and family know that we heard the big news and are excited for them.

Simply download a card (or cards) & upload it to Facebook or Pin-it then share it from Pinterest.

Your friends and family will love it when you share these cards on their wall!

Here are the first in our series of funny cards for that upcoming wedding. Stay tuned for more...

This one's all about the ring...

Large diamond with Bling! on congratulations card

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Here, it's all about the guy...

Frog with a crown on to congratulate someone for kissing their last frog

instructions on how to save image

Kate Hepburn's views on marriage...

Congratulations card with Quote from Katharine Hepburn

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Got engaged ?...

Engagement congratulations card based on got milk campaign

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This one's about the wedding day...

Card about throwing rice at a wedding

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So you're getting hitched...

Congratulations card about getting getting hitched

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Cards are fun and inspiring. Going through the process of finding a card and posting it shows the recipient that you put in that extra bit of effort—it almost becomes like a mini-gift.

Use these funny sentiments as free e-cards, post them, and share them with friends. It's so much more fun (and special) to have an image to go along with a quick note or comment. Especially on Facebook, at a time when so many of their friends and family will be visiting their page to share in their joy.

Congratulating someone you know in a special way lets them know that you support and care about them. Having their Facebook page covered in well-wishes and engagement cards helps to put them in the spotlight—which is exactly where they should be at this happy time.

If humorous cards aren't what you're looking for and would rather something more spiritual or religious, visit our page on verses for engagement cards.

Or, return to our page on offering congratulations for all sorts of other ideas. And finally, you can always head back to our Home Page for a complete list of all the thing this site has to offer.