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Creative Marriage Proposals & Ideas

Are you looking for creative marriage proposals and ideas to inspire you? The creative ideas below have all been submitted by our website visitors.

creative Marriage proposal

Proposing can be nerve wracking for everyone! Girls have been dreaming about the moment since childhood, and the guys know it, so they get busy trying to come up with something that will be memorable beyond her current Facebook status update.

When creative proposals are done well (or so badly that they're funny) they become family legends and are passed down through the generations. 

If you proposed (or were proposed to) please tell us your story. We love, love, love to hear them—hopeless romantics are all we got around here.

And if your in the process of concocting your own creative marriage proposal and need some feedback, share that too! All us romantics would love to help you out.

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We also LOVE to hear how your parents or friends got engaged—those timeless stories are often very unique and nostalgic! We get inspiration from your stories—and so will others.

So show us what ya' got by telling us your proposal story. Next time you check in here—you just might see it in print for the world to see. It will be like being on a reality show :-)

Feel free to include all the gory details (and pictures too!)—if anything was funny, or particularly sweet—we love that stuff!

We once had a reader tell us that her boyfriend fell into a Venice canal while down on one knee trying to propose. (Don't worry, he held onto the ring really tight, and was a terrific swimmer!)

So get your Cupid on and share!

Your Creative Marriage Proposals and Ideas

Got a brilliant idea for creative marriage proposals?
Be Cupid for all the poor guys desperately searching for some inspiration!

Your Favorite Creative Marriage Proposals

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Birthday Cake Proposal 
My fiance and I aren't a very romantic couple, but I've been bugging him to marry me since we were in high school. It was two days before my twentieth …

The Best.... Worst Proposal Ever... 
I'm currently planning a trip with my gf and some friends of ours, and I was hoping to use this as the opportune time to "pop" the question. I have …

A Magical Proposal in Paris 
Here's my story: This video clip needed more than 4 months to be totally finished, 5 nights of shooting and more than a thousand takes from the top …

A Hole In One 
My (now) husband takes the cake. He plays a lot of golf, and sometimes I go out at night and hit balls with him on the course by our house. One night …

500 Days of Summer Proposal! 
My fiancee and I had watched 500 Days of Summer this year and loved it! The movie was great but the dance sequence was, by far, our favorite part and decided …

Plan A - my idea for proposing 
I'm a corny kind of guy. The way I see it is that she has to be both surprised, and open to the idea of my proposing. Here's the plan, and I know this …

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