The Cost To Wedding Guests

Statistics show that the cost to wedding guests (meaning those invited to attend a wedding) is soaring, so we thought we'd take a look and see what's going on. We, like many, always considered the wedding expenses of the bride and groom (and their families) but never thought about the financial aspects of being a guest.

Boy were we surprised!

The Cost of Attending a Wedding as a Guest

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Turns out it costs your wedding guests between $490 and $539 to attend your wedding. That's just on items like hotel, dining, getting dressed up, jewelry, travel, pet and child care, all the pre-parties they attend (bachelor/bachelorette, showers, engagement parties etc...) and other small incidentals.

Add the cost of the wedding gift to the tab and your wedding guests are going to end up forking over up to $565 if they're a friend and $686 if they're family, because on average family members buy more expensive gifts.

We're totally guilty of never considering the financial burden that is put on our wedding guests but their expenses are significant, both prior-to the wedding and on the big day itself.

We always focus on how much a wedding is going to cost us, how much the flowers are going to be, how much the venue will charge, how much it will cost to feed our guest (per plate/head) and never once think about what it means for our guests financially to be invited to our weddings and share in our joy.

With the average American attending two weddings per year, it turns out we spend close to a $1000 just to be a guest and at least another $150 on gifts. That's no joke!

As for our friends across the pond, an article published in The Telegraph claims that the average guest in England spent an all-time high of £380 (US $612) in 2009 to attend a wedding and an average £78.67 on gifts.1  Since that time, a new survey was conducted and they report that the cost to wedding guests has now soared to £547.2 

Although this latest figure is high for us, it completely supports the notion that weddings have become increasingly more expensive for all those involved.

We never, ever, thought of a wedding from the financial perspective of the guests and have a new appreciation for wedding guests and what it means (and costs) for them to attend.

We hope you do too!

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