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Classic Celebrity Marriages and Proposals

Old Hollywood stars did it right! These celebrity marriages and the proposals that preceded them are straight out of the golden age of romance.

We can all learn a lot from these classy gents and the way they handled their courtships. Why aren't the same standards applied to romance today? And ladies, we're addressing you too. What's your part in all of this? Nobody ever said that you couldn't propose and romance your man and then sweep him off his feet.

And fellas, come on fellas chivalry isn't dead! Or maybe it is. All that anybody talks about these days are celebrity engagement rings and the amount of bling it does or doesn't have, what happened to romance old-Hollywood-style?

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Jackie Kennedy and JFK wedding

Maybe not directly out of the old Hollywood stars yearbook but this loveable President and First lady sure deserve to be on this page. Jacqueline Bouvier first met John F. Kennedy in May 1951 at a Georgetown dinner party. Over the next two years they saw each other often in various social settings.

JFK proposed in the spring of 1953 just before Jackie was to leave for Europe to cover a story for the Washington Times Herald. She did not provide him with an answer right away.

When she returned home she gracefully accepted his proposal of marriage as well as a stunning Van Cleef & Arpels engagement ring. The ring was made up of a 2.88 carat diamond mounted next to a 2.84 carat emerald cut emerald with tapered baguettes. About ten years later, while Jackie was redesigning the White House, she also redesigned her engagement ring. She had the ring reset to include round and marquise diamonds replacing the baguettes. This is one of those classic celebrity marriages that can endure an engagement ring redesign.

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Johnny Cash and June Carter wedding

In 1968, 18 years after they first met at the Grand Ole Opry, Johnny Cash proposed to June Carter onstage during a concert in London Ontario. The auditorium was packed with fans and Cash and Carter are in the middle of singing "We got married in a fever..", when Johnny stops singing his part of the duet. June is as confused as is the audience. Johnny then turns to June and says "Will you marry me?"

The audience grows silent awaiting her answer. Tears are sliding down her cheeks. And all of a sudden she begins nodding yes. The whole audience is abuzz as Johnny announces "She said yes!". Johnny sweeps June into his arms and smiles from ear to ear and says into the mic "What do you say folks? Let's finish this concert." Cash would later call the proposal one of his greatest performances ever. We agree. This is a classic for celebrity marriages and proposals.

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Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier Wedding

Prince Rainier III of Monaco flew to the US in 1955 to propose to the stunning silver screen queen Grace Kelly . He proposed with a Cartier eternity band full of rubies and diamonds—the colors of Monaco. But when the Prince came to LA, he was taken aback by all the massive diamond engagement rings all the movie stars were sporting. He wouldn't be undermined.

Grace was to become Princess Grace and deserved a ring befitting of a Princess. So, he asked Cartier in Paris to design a second engagement ring—this one a 12 carat emerald cut diamond flanked by two baguettes.

The prince invited all of Monaco's 3,000 residents to the wedding festivities and they in turn bought the happy couple a black Rolls Royce convertible as a wedding present. Not too shabby. As far as celebrity marriages and wedding gifts go, this one probably takes the cake.  

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Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Proposal

In 1962 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton met while they were filming Cleopatra. The romantic city of Rome was their backdrop and Hollywood had itself the quintessential power couple.

Burton had an eye for jewelry (and the wallet!). On a shopping trip to Bulgari, he bought Liz an 18.61 carat emerald, diamond and platinum necklace. It wasn't a ring but he used it to propose to his femme fatale. The emerald was detachable and could be worn as a brooch - which Liz did as often as she could.

Not bad for husband number 5 and 6! They divorced and remarried just over a year later. We chose these four celebrity marriages because they're good examples of how there are no set rules when it comes to proposing or giving our bride-to-be an engagement ring. Yes, all these guys had more money than God but anyone of us could do the same sorts of things on our budgets.

Be creative! Get inspired on how to pop the question by going to our engagement proposal ideas page or check out more celebrity wedding proposals.