Bride To Be Stuff!

Are you about to become a bride to be? Are you at the stage where you think he might propose?

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Are you wondering how he's going to do it? What the ring will look like? Are you thinking about bridal showers and wedding dress shopping?

Getting hitched brings with it all sorts of changes in your life—least of all that you will be sharing your life with a guy—and guys just think differently than we do. Remember the book about Venus and Mars?

Well it turns out that there are major differences in the way a man's brain works as opposed to a woman's.

Getting engaged is something that girls think (or fantasize) about a lot throughout their lives (it's just part of our make up) while the guys are just dickin' around, coasting through life playing sports and video games. They often don't have a clue about proposals, romance, or the engagement process.

Tips and Advice for the Bride To Be

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Being a bride-to-be is an exciting time and there are so many teensy weensy things to think about.

Sure you need to know about the big stuff too, like proper party etiquette or formal announcements but the small stuff is what gets you every time. The types of things that only become obvious once they're laid out for you. As the saying goes..."The devil is in the details".

Newly Engaged? Start Here!

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First things first, a must-read for every bride-to-be is our Top 10 Tips on being newly engaged.

What you need to think about. Who you need to tell. What you need to do. We bet you'll be surprised by some of the items on the list. Who knew?

Gift Registry. Yes, for Engagements Too!

engagement gift

Next is your bridal gift registry. Yep, as a bride-to-be, you need to register as soon as possible! Why?

Because a gift registry is not about being selfish or greedy, it's about making it easier for your loved ones and other people who want to buy you something for your engagement or wedding. They appreciate knowing that there's a list somewhere of everything you want and need.

Running Of The Brides, No More!

Yes....The all-important DRESS! For any soon-to-be bride on a budget (which means just about everyone) this is important.

Filene's basement closed sign

First the bad news: The Running of the Brides Sale at Filenes Basement is over. They went belly-up! It's a shame because three of us have bought our dresses from them with great success and got HUGE bargains.

However, that's not the end of the story and we wouldn't leave you out in the cold. There's something even better out there for you...

Brides Against Breast Cancer Logo

Now for the good news: There's a wonderful organization called Brides Against Breast Cancer and they hold similar types of events across the U.S .

What's even better about this group of wonderful ladies is that not only are you able to get a wedding dress for bargain basement prices but you help a wonderful cause at the same time. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Please make sure you visit BABC to find out when they'll be coming to your area.

Finally, here are our Top 10 Tips for Running of the Brides. Their sales may be over but some of these tips will surely apply to the BABC events as well.

Bridal Shower Games...You Bet!


While we're on the topic of Top Tens we want to share our Best 10 Bridal Shower Games with you. We know they're silly games but isn't that the whole point?

They make a party fun and different from all the other get-togethers you have with your friends. So grab a glass of wine and let the bridezilla ritual begin!

Get Your iTunes On!

Sheet music for engagement songs

As a bride-to-be you need to start thinking about music and engagement songs. They're perfect for a shower, engagement party, or even your wedding. These classics will definitely get you started on your own playlist. The song list includes a compilation of the best known wedding songs (you know the ones... totally cheesy, but sooooo much fun!)

A Wedding Costs Everyone Involved!

Thumbnail of infographic on wedding guest cost

Just another thing for you to consider...The cost to attend a wedding as a guest. Yep, that's right, as a GUEST!

As a bride-to-be, we all think about the cost of throwing a wedding but never consider how much it may cost our guests to attend all the parties leading up to the big day and the wedding itself.

Since we never really thought about it, we figured  others hadn't either.

We've had such an overwhelming response by both brides-to-be and their guests. Both couldn't believe how expensive it became for the guests when you added everything up, so we asked our resident budget expert for some tips on saving money as a wedding guest.

The Big Proposal: Help A Guy Out!

Many guys know what they want to do but have no idea how to go about doing it.

future groom trying to figure out how to propose

They totally sweat out the engagement process and especially the proposal. They know they want to make it special because and how important it is (especially for their future bride) but they get totally stuck.

Others think they have the whole thing in the bag, but they're only thinking of what they would like if they were a girl and that often doesn't work out so well.

We girls need to stick together for all the other soon-to-be fiancées. There are 2 ways you can help.... Up for it?

We've created a help forum for guys who've figured out how to propose, we let them post their ideas so that us girls could review them and see if their ideas are as good as they think they are. Guess what? They often aren't!

And finally, if you have a great idea or a fantasy proposal that you'd like to share, tell us about it on our creative marriage proposals page—it may just make it into our annual review of best marriage proposal ideas.

So calling on all future brides out there. Let's stick together girls and pay it forward and help the guys out there. Wouldn't you appreciate someone doing that for you?


You're going to have to start thinking about all this bride to be stuff and we're hoping to fill this section with all sorts of tips and lists, so if there is anything in particular that you'd like to see, let us know...

Meanwhile... Congrats!