Bridal Gift Registry: Engagements & Weddings

A bridal gift registry is one of the first things you should put together after announcing your engagement.

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Friends and family will be looking and thinking about buying you an engagement or wedding gift (or both) as soon as they hear the news.

People often want to give engagement gifts (even if they don't have to) so it's always a good idea to have a registry.

The engagement registry doesn't need to be separate or labeled as one, just make sure to include some lower cost items in your general registry that are suitable as engagement presents.

Having a registry doesn't make you selfish or greedy, it's all about making it easier for those that love you to select something that they know you want and need.

Think about it... Aren't you grateful when you don't have to think too hard about what to get someone for their birthday, graduation, Christmas or any other occasion where a present is warranted?  Don't you always wonder if they actually need or want what you've chosen, or if they will be happy with what you picked out?

It's no different here. Although you might feel like you're going on a shopping trip with other people's money as you put together your list and thinking the whole exercise is really all about you, it's not!

It's about making it easier for your friends and family.


Seven things to consider when putting together your bridal gift registry:

It's All About Choices & Restraint

Sign up with two or three places that have a wide variety of items at various price levels. Having more than a few places for people to visit makes it confusing for your friends and family and complicates things for them unnecessarily.

Go Online!

Make sure that at least one if not all your registries are available online. Remember that the registry is for your guests, not you, and making it easy for them to view and shop for you should be YOUR top priority.

The Department Store

Choose one major department store within the registry. They will have tons of stuff you want or need and lets your gift givers do some one-stop shopping.

It also gives those that live out of town the opportunity to visit the same store in their city and check out what you picked out. Macy's is our top choice in  Department Stores.

Wide Variety Of Prices

Make sure you include items at various price points. Remember some will use the registry to buy you engagement gifts, others for wedding gifts, and a few for both. So register for items under $25, under $50, under $75, under $100, under $200 and up from there so that everyone can find something that fits within their budgets.

We LOVE Target's Registry... They make it so easy to include a huge variety of differently priced items.


Different Strokes For Different Folks

Include different types of items for different people. Your great-aunt Beatrice won't be keen on buying you something that your college buddies will, so make sure to include a mix of items, both traditional and fun so that everyone finds something that they're excited about giving you.

It's all About Lifestyle

Think about the way you live and your lifestyle. So many people fall into the trap of wanting silver tea sets and crystal punch bowls. Think about it...Do you really need those? Are you ever going to use them?

Don't get caught up in the fantasies you see on TV and read in books. This is your life and your bridal gift registry so make sure that what is listed is tailored to you and your lifestyle. Are you the type who gets excited when visiting The Container Store...We certainly are had they offered a gift registry when we were creating ours, they would have definitely been one of our retailers of choice!

Registry and Store Policies

Find out about the store's return and exchange policies. Depending on when you register and the time of year, some stores will change their merchandize and may no longer have some items that you selected in stock.

Or, you may have included a dozen wine glasses on your list and ended up with three dozen because some folks bought some from outside of the registry.

So it's very important that you're able to return or exchange your gifts so inquire at the outset before you register and know exactly what you're getting into.


A bridal gift registry is important for your loved ones. They may want to give you something you want or need for your engagement, wedding or other events surrounding your upcoming nuptials (bridal shower, luncheon, etc.).

Think about your overall list and include a bunch of items within it that collectively would work as "mini registries". So think of items that would be appropriate for every part of the engagement and wedding process without labeling them as your "engagement gift registry", "bridal shower registry", etc... just include them in your general list and let your friends and family find the perfect gift for every occasion.

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