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Blame it on the dog

by Jeff
(Columbus, OH)

A friend's new golden puppy...

A friend's new golden puppy...

My girlfriend and I have been talking about getting a dog.

So I was thinking that to propose I could buy a puppy and surprise her with that. We want a golden, so I tie the ring around it's neck. When she asks what we should name it, I say it came with a name, and pull out official looking pedigree (fake) that says "will you marry me?" under the name.

What do you think?

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by: Anonymous

If she loves animals this would be amazing! I'm animal crazy, and my man and I talk about getting a puppy- major brownie points if he did this. Tying the ring on the collar could make it a little quicker, and therefore maybe more surprise. Bringing out the pedigree could be a little abnormal- that said, it would be a safe way to protect the ring if the puppy went for a run around.
Maybe do a romantic dinner/ movie/ walk/ picnic etc would help to create a little of the magic.
You could do a walk with her and have a surprise picnic set up by a friend beforehand, then have the same friend somehow bring the puppy (or let it go nearby). You get the idea :)

Be Sure
by: Rhonda

It's a really sweet idea honey but you need to be sure that she really wants a puppy. Talking about getting one and really getting one are two different things. Good luck to you hon.

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