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Black Diamond Engagement Rings - Yay or Nay?

by Julia
(Wellington, Florida)

My fiance and I are considering going for a black diamond engagement ring. Some members of my family think we're nuts and so do some of our friends but we don't see anything wrong with it.

The way I see it is this. I like to be a little different especially when it comes to what I wear. I'm actually known for it, so why wouldn't I extend my personal style to an engagement ring?

I like the idea of a black diamond. It's a neutral color and can be really chic. I love the way it looks against platinum or white gold and works really well with my skin tone. Am I crazy?

I'm not a Goth or anything like that, I just like the idea of having a black diamond engagement ring over a white one because it's so different and works with my style.

I guess my biggest worry is that I will regret it one day. Every site I go to about weddings is all about tradition and how you need to do this and that and obviously a black diamond doesn't fit into any of it.

So yay or nay?

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by: Sam Smith

Black diamond rings are really getting fashionable these days!!
The best thing about black diamonds is they are more affordable than normal diamonds...
Also they look well as fashionable looks!!

Go For It
by: TheHeartBandits

There is nothing at all wrong with that! If you want a black diamond, a sapphire, or a cheerio on your ring, that is your prerogative. As Proposal Planners, the only thing we do advise against is buying "trendy" engagement rings. If you were wanting to buy a black engagement ring because it is hot right now, we would encourage you to look long term. In 20 years you don't want to look back and think it was a mistake. But if you want it because you like the way it looks and is a reflection of your personality then we say yes!

It's YOUR Ring!
by: Anonymous

With all this Royal Wedding buildup, the most publicized photo (so far) is the ring - a dark blue sapphire ring. I have always heard that colored stones were the original engagement stones.

I was reading your post and thought about all the people that comment on my ring, which is white, but really pretty, and I love it. But the conversation is short - "oh, nice ring", or: "your ring is so pretty." I would think the conversation about your ring would last a little longer and be a lot more interesting!

Go for it - you have style and even better - you know it.

We Say Yay!
by: The Engagement Experts Team

An engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment regardless of what it is made of. Nothing more and nothing less!

It doesn't matter if the stone is a black diamond, white diamond, cubic zirconia or if the whole thing is made out of plastic.

The point we're always trying to make on the site is that the engagement ring itself doesn't matter but what DOES matter is the commitment and love that it represents.

In terms of tradition, don't worry about that. Tradition is about family and what's important to you--you never know, you may start a new tradition with all the future women in your family sporting black diamond rings.

As for regretting it one day, you may, but you also may not, and end up loving your engagement ring more and more with each passing day. And if you do, you can always have the black diamond replaced with a white one at some later date.

Besides, you'll be in good company, Carmen Electra is known to have received a black diamond engagement ring from her one time fiance Rob Patterson and loved it from day one. ;-)

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