Before Buying His Wedding Band: Expert Tips

by Liz Wilson
(Jensen Beach, FL)

If you've started shopping for your groom's wedding band, you've probably already figured out that buying men's wedding rings is nothing like buying women's engagement or wedding rings.

There are some key differences between women's and men's rings, and it's important to familiarize yourself with them in order to find his perfect ring.

Here are 4 helpful things to know before buying his wedding band.


You have options! Many brides (and grooms) are under the mistaken impression that men's wedding bands are limited to plain domed rings in traditional precious metals like gold or platinum. There are far more choices when it comes to men's wedding rings than you likely think– you may actually find it tough to wade through all the options!

men's wedding bands in silver, gold, tungsten and chrome

1. 14K Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Ring 2. Designer Argentium Silver Wedding Band
3. Black Tungsten Men's Ring with CZ 4. Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band with Black Diamonds

For starters, there tends to be far more choices when it comes to materials than there are with women's engagement rings and wedding bands. While they’re infrequently seen in women's rings, contemporary materials like titanium, tungsten, cobalt chrome and ceramic are very prevalent in men's wedding rings. These materials are not only visually appealing, but they're significantly stronger than precious metals and a fraction of the price – hence their extreme popularity.

Men's wedding bands are also not just simple unadorned bands. Men's rings these days come in an incredible variety of designs, from popular two toned styles to designs with unique insets like wood or carbon fiber. If he is not a plain domed kind of guy, take the time to look around to see which styles might suit his personal taste best.

Black is hot. It may sound far-fetched, but it's true: black is currently one of the hottest colors for men's rings and wedding bands. Over the past few years black has become a go-to pick for men seeking a wedding band that is neutral enough to be worn daily yet not a traditional gold or silver hue. You'll most often find black wedding bands in contemporary materials like tungsten, ceramic and titanium.

He can have diamonds. Another trend that has more recently come to the forefront is men's diamond wedding bands. Some guys may want a ring that closely matches that of their bride, while others might find the luxury factor of diamonds to be appealing. Unlike women's engagement rings, men's diamond wedding bands usually use smaller stones, which means they can also be surprisingly affordable (especially if set in a contemporary material like cobalt chrome or Argentium silver). Some grooms opt for diamond rings with colored stones in masculine hues like black or chocolate brown/cognac.

There's more than meets the eye. Finally, you'll want to take non-visual factors into account when buying your groom's wedding band. Most men's rings are divided into two categories when it comes to interior fit. Traditional fit is an older type of interior that is a little more squared off, while comfort fit uses more material for a rounder interior that puts less pressure on the finger. Have your man try on both and see which one he prefers, and make sure to have him measured for his fit of choice – comfort fit rings often run half a size smaller than traditional fit rings.

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Good Info.
by: Marie Lynn

I want to put as much effort into choosing his ring that he put in mine. Good info. Thanks.

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