Asking Party Guests to Wear A Costume

by Peggy
(Naples, FL)

Our engagement party theme is "Classy Halloween." Headpieces, hats and boas will be provided when guests come into the lobby.

What would appropriate wording be to ask the guests to choose an accessory and wear it?

Advice from the Engagement Experts Team

Dear Peggy,

What a unique theme for an engagement party! It sounds like you are planning a variation on a masquerade party (without the mask). We love the idea and must add it to our list of
party themes and ideas .

Everyone loves the chance to be someone else for a night, and you're right in thinking that some guests may be a bit reluctant to join in the fun.

Your thought to put a sign on the table holding the costume accessories is a good idea to encourage those that are a little shy, and inspire everyone.

Judging by the theme, you are expecting a celebratory and fun event so have fun with the display of the wording too!

Create display stands for them of varying heights and intersperse them with the accessories.

Here are our ideas for the wording, some tame, some more adventurous. Use just one, a few, or all of them.


"Choose something that will surprise people"

"Pick something for your date, and let them pick one for you"

"Choose something, make a character up in your mind and become that person for the party! If this new you speaks in an accent, you now do too!"

"We have a few ideas here for you to try on -- help yourself!"

"Take a walk on the wild side of life -- just reach out, take the first thing you touch and put it on! Have fun!"


Remember that some guests might not be ready to join in the fun as they enter. Don't make a big deal about it -- just invite them in, give them a chance to get comfortable and relax.

After a while, you can take the remaining items around on a tray and offer them to the shy ones -- with a little coaxing they will soon be in costume --especially when they see everyone else enjoying themselves.

Thanks again for a fun party theme idea! Please let us know how it all turns out. We'd love to see some pictures too!

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