Am I Ready To Get Married

Hey guys, ever ask yourself  "Am I ready to get married? Am I really ready to propose?"  We don't know of a single soul in a serious relationship who hasn't asked themselves that question at some point in time.

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Top 10 Signs You're Ready to Propose.

Popping the question and getting married are big steps in anyone's life and sometimes we just need a little help to see things clearly. So if you're asking yourself if you're ready to get married read through the list of signs below and you'll have a much better idea of the answer.

10. You're Done With Singledom

You love hanging out with your friends but the thought of going out to a club chatting up the ladies is no longer your MO. It was fun before but it no longer holds any interest for you. You would much rather play poker with the boys or better yet treat your sweetie to a night on the town.

9. You Love The Whole Package

You dated your fair share of girls but there was always something that bugged you about them.

You dated the loud snorer, the big talker, the mega annoying laugher and couldn't imagine spending the rest of your life with any of them.

You love that she almost always burns dinner when she tries to cook you a meal or that she has to sleep on her stomach to fall asleep—warts and all, you are in! Her little quirks are charming and you love her for them.

8. You've Reached A Major Goal.

You may have just completed a big project or received that major promotion at work that you've been working hard towards. Or, maybe you've finally saved up enough cash to buy a house. For you hitting that milestone is a sign that you're ready to provide for your girlfriend & perhaps even a family.

7. You're Scrimping & Saving.

You sacrifice going out for lunch at work everyday and have put any major purchases on the backburner—at least for a little while. You've created a diamond engagement ring fund and you're eager to watch it grow from week to week.

6. You Speak In Terms Of "We" NOT "Me".

We're not talking about the royal "we" here. But the good old fashioned—you and me, us, together—if these terms make you want to run for the hills, then no wedding proposal is in your near future.

However, if you always consider her thoughts and feelings when making big decisions, you are well on your way to making her a very happy lady and are ready to get married.

5.You've Discussed Your Future...and Didn't Freak Out!

The two of you have made plans together not just for next week but for next year and beyond. You've both shared your hopes, dreams and ambitions with one another.

She knows of your dream to snowboard every mountain and you know of her hope to open a small business one day. It's all out in the open and you're excited to help and support each other in making both your dreams comes true.

4. You Have The Support Of Your Friends And Family.

While this is not a must, it sure does help a ton. Having your friends and family be big time fans of the woman you are going to marry is a great sign. They know you better than anyone else and they want to see you happy. If they're raising a red flag for some reason, you would be wise to listen and perhaps reconsider any wedding proposals.

3. You Found Your Best Friend.

You are both on the same page with most things. You have a blast together whether you're doing something or not. If you can't imagine life without her and all the other points mentioned in this article makes sense to you then the answer to Am I Ready to Get Married is a resounding yes! 

If your relationship has been on the rocks lately, don't propose in the hopes that it will solve all your problems. Take your time, there's no rush and a marriage proposal should never be used as a quick fix.

2. You Know She'll Say YES.

Although this may seem like a no brainer, if she's been dropping hints about rings and marriage and you haven't freaked out—that's a great sign.

If you've noticed that she seems to be watching more wedding reality shows than ever before and that she's sussing you out in terms of whether you're ready, chances are good that she's waiting with bated breath for you to sweep her off her feet.

However, if she talks about her friend's upcoming nuptials with a huge smile on her face and you get terrible indigestion and quickly change the subject or worse pretend not to hear her—you aren't ready to utter those four life changing words.

1. You've Got Marriage Proposals On The Brain.

You're obsessed over thinking about ways to propose to her. You want it to be a unique, special, memorable and all around perfect wedding proposal.

If this list sounds a lot like you, then the answer is YES... You're ready to get married!


Now for the flip side of that all-important question

You're NOT ready to get married IF...

If you're planning on getting married due to pressure from friends or family, or think getting married will make your relationship stronger. Step back and re-evaluate.

If you're getting ultimatums, being backed into a corner or pressured to pop the question and considering it, you're not thinking with a clear head. Marriage is a lifelong commitment to each other and if it's starting off on "a do or die" front, that's a tell tale sign of what's to come in the years ahead.

If you've been with your honey for years and years, and she's wondering what's taking you so long, you need to consider her concern. If you're claiming commitment-phobia, you need to understand how that can plague someone who loves you and is willing to spend the rest of their life with you.

Why are you asking yourself "Am I ready to get married? What's really standing in the way? Are you worried that you'll never see your friends again? Unsure of spending the rest of your life with a single women? The former can be remedied, by being open about it and talking about your fears with her. The latter however is a huge problem.

If you're not sure you can commit but it's been years that you two have been together—then chances are she may not be the right one for you. Be fair. Don't stick it out, thinking things might change. She deserves to know the truth. It's not right to hedge your bets, waiting to see if something better will come along. Fish or cut bait young man! 

If these last few paragraphs sound at all familiar, take it as a resounding NO in answer to the question "Am I ready to get married".

But, if you passed all the tests and are ready for the next step check out our fun quiz on engagement rings and your fiancée or our Tips on how NOT to propose.

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