A female point of view on a wedding proposal

by Heather
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

I have been dating a great guy for over two years. We don't exactly talk about getting married, but it's obvious to me that we must be headed that way.

We are exclusive, and we have said the dreaded "i love you" to each other. We know each other's hopes and dreams, how many kids we want, and where we want to live. He said it first, btw.

But lately it is driving me crazy wondering if he is going to ask me. Twice now I have thought that he was going to ask me, but both times he didn't. I don't want to seem too anxious, but I am ready. How do I let him know that I want him to feel ok about asking me? I don't want to ask him!

If I didn't think he was the one, I wouldn't even be on an site about getting engaged - if you have any tips, please send. We're both 26.


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by: Anonymous

Chill out and let the moment come. Don't push anything on him, I wouldn't bring anything up.

My two cents
by: J.

The way I see it is that you have two choices.

Marriage is about trust, communication and speaking the truth and to start it off playing games is not the way to go. so discuss it with him and talk it through.

Or, you can just relax and let time take its course. If it is meant to be, it will happen and you will be thrilled when it does.

Que sera, sera....

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