Marriage Proposal Ideas

Great marriage proposal ideas all start the same way. They're all about being creative and spending some time thinking about the two of you and what your particular relationship is all about.

Most guys think they know their girls pretty well, and they're probably right, but the one thing they forget is that getting proposed to, for a girl, is different than every thing else. It doesn't fit in to any prior "categories" of behavior and is a moment that she's been dreaming about since childhood.

That puts a lot of pressure on the guys and they're often stuck without any clue of what to do. Because coming up with interesting marriage proposal ideas is simply the packaging—it all starts with figuring out how to propose.

Once you've figured out how to propose and the what, where, and when of things, it will be much easier for you to come up with the perfect plan.

Marriage Proposal Ideas & Inspiration

We know the task at hand isn't easy and if we could do it for you, we would. But we can't, because we don't know the two of you. We can help by providing a little inspiration but only you can come up with the final idea.

So take a look at some of these articles. We're pretty sure that they'll trigger something in you and inspire you enough that you'll know exactly what direction to take and how to figure it all out.

unique marriage proposal ideas

Here you'll find some creative and unique marriage proposals that are sure to inspire you. Most of the ideas are easy enough to customize so use them as a springboard and tailor them to your particular situation.


romantic proposal ideas

Romantic proposals come in all shapes and sizes because what's romantic for one person can be 'cheesy' for the next. One thing you know about your girl is what kind of romance she likes, so start with that and then get inspired by some of these ideas.


interesting marriage proposals

How about some really interesting engagement & proposal ideas for gals that love art, games, music, food, flight, film or fiction. If she's a fan of the arts or has a hobby she's obsessed with try these ideas on for size.


celebrity proposals

Celebs have always known a thing or two about romance. Read about some legendary celebrity marriage proposals and compare them with what's happening today on the matrimonial Hollywood scene. You might just find what you're looking for.


your creative marriage proposals

Get inspired by these creative marriage proposals and ideas sent in by our website visitors. Some are great, others... well, we'll let you be the judge. And if you've come up with a great idea, post it, so that others can be inspired by your creativity.


Daffodils to symbolize poetry

Nothing says romance like poetry and no marriage proposal should ever be lacking in romance. So with that in mind we put together some of the best marriage proposal poems we could find and offer some tips on how to best use them.


christmas wreath

Christmas is a special time—it's about family and tradition, so it makes sense that 1000s of guys decide to pop the question at such a festive time of year. Check out these awesome Christmas proposal ideas that will turn your marriage proposal into a Holiday keepsake!


Best Marriage Proposal Ideas : The Key Elements

The best marriage proposal ideas all share a few key elements. They are:

Surprise:  Never underestimate the element of surprise. Even if she knows it's coming she can still be surprised when it actually happens. If she's on to you and knows that you're about to get down on one knee at some point soon, then make sure that you come up with the most unsuspecting time. That one moment out of all the others that you would be least likely to do it.

Emotion:  You're creating a memory to last a lifetime so play to your emotions. The more special the time, the place, and the words you use, the more memorable and emotion filled the proposal will be. This is no time to be a GUY, instead be a friend, confidante, and lover.

Originality:  Get creative! If your best friends just got engaged on a weekend trip to the big city, consider a secluded cabin in the woods if the idea of a quick getaway is what you want to do. What you don't want, is for her to be able to compare your proposal to another one in your inner circle—not because you can't measure up  but because it's important that hers be one of the best marriage proposals in her mind and for that to happen, she needs to think of it as original.

Coming up with original and unique ideas is not necessarily about spending lots of money or traveling to exotic places to pop the question. Unique in this case means getting creative, being original, and paying special attention to ALL the details which takes us right to the next element...

Personalization:  Because it worked for cousin Bob doesn't mean it'll work for you. This is your life, your relationship, and your marriage and your proposal needs to reflect that and be especially meaningful for the two of you, and no one else. So get to the core of who you are to each other and what's so special about each of you and personalize the heck out of things.

See how all these elements come together in real life...

perfect proposal gift

Dori's Perfect Proposal
The perfect diamond ring, a pair of Louboutin black pumps, an Herve Leger dress, and a romantic dinner for two at Chicago's finest restaurant. The rest is history...

black decorative scroll

If you're still stuck, step back and think about the big picture. Wedding proposals aren't rocket science, you don't need special training, all you need to do is follow her heart and that will lead you to yours.